Our Approach

In our consulting work, we help you create strategies, organize and manage projects, and develop technical architectures that will free your data to work fully for you. Data Unbound has a breadth of experience with many APIs, not just a single API from one vendor. We offer a deep understanding of how to make it easy and enjoyable for customers to use and remix the information you want them to have. We show you how to work with widely used open data formats rather than data formats that work only in a narrow range of situations.

In our training, Data Unbound employs multiple modes of learning, ranging from lectures to project-driven learn-by-doing exercises. We are big believers in learning concepts through hands-on projects—but we balance that with deeper knowledge too. We offer training to all levels of technical sophistication but particularly enjoy making technical materials clear to non-technical people. Data Unbound will create and deliver training customized for your organization's needs, teaching you best practices and helping you to put them into place.