Our Offerings

Our Training

Our training will enable your organization to integrate data, both your own and that of others through APIs and data standards. One of the best ways for an organization to internalize APIs and mashups is to learn-by-doing in a carefully designed session. Data Unbound offers that experience in our Creating and Enabling Mashups workshop, a one-day, on-site workshop that begins with an introductory lecture geared to anyone in your organization who wants to know about the subject. The bulk of the day is hands-on training for programmers, designers, and others who want to get experience with APIs. The day wraps up with a strategy session, directed at figuring out your next steps at integrating web APIs into core business concerns.

What You Will Learn in the Workshop

Use APIs to Create Mashups

  • How to create mashups that address immediate problems facing your organization.
  • How to program with APIs in general as well as with selected specific APIs (e.g., the Google Maps APIs).
  • How to evaluate and select which APIs to use.
  • How to knit APIs together in robust mashups.
  • How to perform agile prototyping of new and improved services through mashups, especially programming with APIs and but also creating your own APIs out of your existing data.

Enable Mashups by Creating Web APIs for Your Organization

  • How to design and document an API and create a community of developers and designers around that API.
  • How to use the best techniques available for making your content mashable.

Custom Training

We develop custom training to fit the needs of your organization or group. The training package can be shortened to a half day or expanded to 2 or 3 days. For the longer training seminars, we offer additional modules that address special topics or training in specific APIs (e.g., Google Maps API). A multi‐day session also gives us additional time to create prototypes to address your specific business needs. In addition to on‐site training, we offer distance training and online seminars that provide overviews of APIs and mashups.

Consulting Services

  • Identify API offerings that will engage your partners and customers.
  • Build and demo applications that showcase your APIs and teach and inspire your developer community.
  • Create and review the architecture and implementations of your APIs, particularly from the point of view of service‐consumers.
  • Help you identify and expose the data elements that let your communities of developers and designers make sense of your APIs.
  • Provide documentation, training services, and end‐user support around for your APIs, keys to successful deployments of APIs.